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Here you will find what is required by state when making a living will. You will also find whether or not this specific state accepts oral or written wills.

Some key terms to keep in mind:

Testator: One who makes or has made a will; one who dies leaving a will.
Holographic Will: A will and testament that has been entirely handwritten and signed by the testator.
Oral Will: An oral will (or "nuncupative" will) is a will that has been delivered orally (that is, in speech) to witnesses, as opposed to the usual form of wills, which is written and according to a proper format.

State Requirements and Will Type Recognition

Age of Testator

18 years or older. and of sound mind and memory

Number of Witnesses Required

Signed at the end by testator or acknowledged in presence of two attesting witnesses; witnesses must attest to testators signature within 30 days, and at testators request, sign their names and residence addresses at the end of the will.

Oral Will Recognition

Valid only if made by members of armed forces while in actual military or naval service during a war or other armed conflict, person who serves with or accompanies an armed force engaged in such activity, or mariner at sea

Holographic Will Recognition

Same provisions as for nuncupative wills and written entirely in testators' handwriting.

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