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Here you will find legal terms and their application by state as this can vary depending on where you live.

Reciprocity - The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another. Certain states will limit the extent to which they honor health care directives(reciprocity) from other states, meaning they will only accept them so far as they comply with their own laws. This creates a bit of a legal grey area, however, most times it doesn't become an issue.

State Law Citation and Title

UT CODE ยง 75-2-101 to 75-2-114

Utah Code Title 75, Chapter 2, Part 1 (Intestate Succession)

State Law Statute

75-2-1101; Personal Choice and Living Will Act

Specific Powers

Any medical procedure or intervention that would serve only to prolong the dying process including artificial nutrition and hydration unless declaration specifically excludes; does not include medication, sustenance, or any procedure to alleviate pain or provide comfort care. Separate procedure for do not resuscitate directive

Revocation Duration

A living will is revocable at any time by signed revocation, destruction of the original document, or oral expression of the declarant's intent to revoke in the presence of an adult witness. Revocation is effective on receipt by physician. The current wishes of the declarant always take precedent over any document or directive.


A similar instrument executed in another state is presumed to comply with Utah law and may be relied upon in good faith.

Transfer Unwilling

Unwilling physician required to transfer patient promptly

Immunity Physician

No civil, criminal, or professional liability for good faith compliance with a directive

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